Data Science Evangelist- Gurgaon (2 to 3 years of experience)

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Data Science Evangelist- Gurgaon (2 to 3 years of experience)

A Client of Analytics Vidhya

Gurugram INR 10 - 12 LPA Experience : 2 - 3 YRS. Openings: 3


Do you feel passionately about solving problems through data? Have you spent a few years solving business problems through data?

Do you aspire to take data science to millions of people out there? Can the leader in you make people follow data science out of sheer passion? Would you enjoy helping people solve problems with out expecting any thing in return?

If the answer to all the questions is yes – look no more. Analytics Vidhya is looking for evangelists who can carry and deliver their baton to the world.

What should you expect?

A team of best data scientists and thought leaders from industry

  1. Disciplined entrepreneurship with in team. Each person is owner of his own work – you set the milestones, the pace and the achievements.
  2. We would love to have in our office.
  3. High standards, deep passion for data science and a commitment to find out ways to make things work.
Who can fill in the shoes?
This role is best suited for:
  1. Some one with awesome experience in data science (could be academic or job). The quality of experience matters rather than the time spent. The person should be an expert in at least one (or a few aspects) of data science.
  2. Should have passion for what we do and would have followed us for some time.
  3. Some one who loves problem solving through data. He should be able to do things hands on by himself or guide a team of data scientists to solve a problem.
  4. A person with deep experience in tools like SAS / R / Python / Julia / Matlab and machine learning / predictive modeling techniques.
  5. An avid reader

    What is the role? 

    Being a startup, the role would evolve over time. But, here are a few things you can expect:

    1. Writing blogs and creating content for your areas of expertise.
    2. Continuously learning new skills and evangelizing them with in our community.
    3. Helping members of our community on discussion portals.
    4. Creating problems for our hackathons by working closely with the clients.
    5. Leading industry events, meetups, workshops, webinars and competitions
    6. Defining and leading our strategy in making data science easy and accessible to all
    7. Teaching data science with our partners or at our events or other industry events.

    Number of Position: 3

      Min. Qualification:


      Skills Required:

      bigdata, data science, deep learning, machine learning, python, r

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