Data Scientist- Bengaluru- (2-5 Years of Experience)

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Data Scientist- Bengaluru- (2-5 Years of Experience)

A Client of Analytics Vidhya

multiple INR 15 - 20 LPA Experience : 2 - 5 YRS. Openings: 2


Who You’ll Work With

You’ll work as part of the our Analytics team in Bengaluru, India with occasional travel to Dubai, UAE. You will work with data engineers and business analysts to deliver the most cutting-edge analytics solutions to our Clients from various industries. Through the combination of strategic insights and advanced analytics technologies, you will be solving the most critical problems leading regional organisations face.

What You’ll Do

Upon joining Teambase , you will have the chance to lead and grow a team of data science engineers. Here is a list of potential projects will engage in:

1.      Time Series Forecasting for Sales including predicting with macroeconomic data

2.      Build Retail Inventory Optimisation & Stock out prevention models

3.      Logistics Optimisation

4.      Customer Churn

5.      Sentiment Analysis

6.      Develop models for Dynamic Pricing

7.      Next Best Offer/Action

8.      RFM models

9.      Chatbots

10.   Cinema Movie Scheduling and Film Hire Cost Optimisation

11.   Market Basket Analysis


·        Between 2 to 5 years of experience working in data science

·        Experience in statistical modelling and/or machine learning including:

o   Recommendation Algorithms

o   ARIMA and ETS Algorithms

o   Naïve Bayes Classifier Algorithm

o   K Means Clustering Algorithm

o   Support Vector Machine Algorithm

o   Apriori Algorithm

o   Linear Regression

o   Logistic Regression

o   Artificial Neural Networks - Optional

o   Random Forests

o   Decision Trees

o   Nearest Neighbors

·        Experience in applying data science methods to business problems

·        Programming experience in R

·        Strong presentation and communication skills, with a knack for explaining complex analytical concepts to people from other fields

·        Team leadership, mentoring and project management skills

·        Optional

o   Experience in working on the Microsoft Azure Cloud using Azure ML Studio, R Server and Hadoop

o   Experience with Machine Learning Automation tools and techniques

o   Docker for Data Science deployments

Min. Qualification:


Skills Required:

forecasting, hadoop, k-means, linear regression, logistic regression, machine learning, r, random forest, recommendation engine, statistical modeling

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